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Voiceplus Communications Unveils New Website

Latest development signals renewed emphasis on customer service coupled with lower pricing and the introduction of exciting new products.

Atlanta, Georgia, July 1, 2004 — With its sights set on enhancing customer service and delivering innovative solutions, Voiceplus Communications LLC, a leading voice mail and answering services company, today unveils a radically new and completely remodeled Web site at www.voice-plus.com.   Along with this new web presence comes revamped pricing and several exciting new products.

The remodeled site is the result of months of extensive site evaluation, planning and redesign and possesses more than just a new look and feel. Though it represents the Company’s first steps toward a complete online account management solution, the site strives to create a “one stop” hub for all audiences seeking answering services, hosted PBX services, or other communication solutions in Atlanta.

Among its outstanding new features, the site is more user-friendly and faster to navigate. The site emphasizes convenience and expanded content that allows customers to quickly determine the services that would meet their needs, without the pressure of a sales call. Visitors are directed toward products and services to suit their needs and can make purchases from anywhere on the site.

Executives of the company determined that the old site was static and one-dimensional and needed to be redeveloped to provide more benefit to our customers and other visitors.  The new site is a pivotal step in the company’s plans to deliver a complete online accounts management solution that allows customers to manage all aspects of their service from establishing new service, to modifying features, viewing invoices, or even changing payment options. 

Our long-term success as a consumer and enterprise based answering services company is largely defined by our ability to truly understand our customers.  The remodeled site will help us establish a meaningful one-to-one relationship with them, which allows us to better address their needs.

One big improvement is an introduction of our new support center.  We've implemented a new trouble-ticket system that will allow better communication with customers and pinpoint accuracy in the tracking of support requests.  Additionally, customers will have online documentation, a comprehensive knowledgebase, and support announcements available around the clock.  Overall, the new site will help us gain a better understanding of the broad answering service and communication issues our customers face and we expect that knowledge to help us build, and sell, better products. 

Along with the new site comes the introduction of several exciting new products and features such as MP3 message delivery by email which is a first in our industry.  Unlike any other company that offers message delivery to email, our latest advancement is the delivery of messages using the revolutionary MP3 file format.  MP3 message delivery allows for messages that are of higher quality but with a much lower bandwidth requirement due to the much smaller message size.  Our MP3 messages can be as much as 10x smaller than the size of competitor's WAV file messages.  Our products address the growing need to communicate affordably, and give users the freedom to choose options consistent with their individual needs and value systems. 

The new Voiceplus Communications website is a significant component in our strategic growth plan to deliver around the clock, 24/7 service to our customers.  As people demand more flexibility in communication solutions, the new site will offer a destination for relevant information along with services that will improve our customers communication capabilities.  For more information, contact Voiceplus Communications at www.voice-plus.com or call (678) 318-1300.



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